“Substance abuse in the United States has reached a point of crisis and the chronic cycle of treatment followed by relapse does little to alleviate the problem.”— WEconnect White Paper

Mission Statement:  Our mission at Awakening Wholeness, Inc. (AWI), is to positively impact the lives of the people we serve by providing transformational educational programs that build character, instill life-enhancing values, and promote healthy choices. Our goal is to equip the people we serve with all the tools they need to become physically, mentally, and spiritually ready to live productive, fulfilling, and sustainable lives.

AWI was conceived from a desire to help those individuals facing addiction challenges achieve a level of success through structured programs aimed at empowering them and providing them with tools that will reduce their chances of relapse. With our partners, we make available services like counseling, interactive healthcare monitoring, specialized fitness training, and employment assistance, among other services—all aimed at supporting an individual’s whole health. The participants will come to us by way of relationships with treatment clinics, veteran organizations, internet marketing, social media, and by word of mouth.   

Current statistics indicate that upon completing the detox and recovery phases of treatment, only 10 percent will successfully avoid returning to their former circumstances within the first 12 months.  However, those that follow treatment with a minimum stay of 30 to 60 days in a sober living home environment increase their chances to 40 percent, and their chances of not relapsing increase incrementally each month. 

AWI’s goal is to establish contact with the individual who is considering entering a detox facility followed by a recovery clinic program.  Drawing on the expertise of AWI’s Board of Advisors, AWI has designed an outreach program to help individuals understand the treatment process prior to entering into a detox and recovery program.  After the completion of their recovery process, through our Wellness Programs, we wish to instill confidence in those who are committed to returning to their previous environment or those who seek a change of environment, by providing the necessary tools to maintain their sobriety.

The objective is to establish contact with the individual to provide them with support, encouragement, and guidance.  It is imperative that the individual be fully committed to beginning this journey.

AWI is committed to assisting the participants in the program to awakening their mind, body, and spirit in order to attain a level of healing and understanding that will enable them to flourish in their new lives.

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