AWI Wellness Program Summary

We are pleased that you have taken the initiative to check out our Awakening Wholeness, Inc web site and find out what we are all about. You’ll see right off that first and foremost, we are about you.

The “YOU” that is the soul of AWI’s Mission is


the active duty Reservist or veteran military individual


the spouse and/or household of an active duty Reservist or veteran military individual


the Arizona Tribal Nations Military Service Veteran


a displaced, estranged, or uncared for veteran

Now that you’ve opened the door, so to speak, whether encouraged by referral or by your own need and curiosity, give us a minute or two to introduce ourselves and suggest how Awakening Wholeness (AWI) can begin a partnership with you on a path to wellness and renewal of mind, body, and lifestyle. But, before we outline the core of AWI’s services and programs, we expect you to exercise the same reconnaissance and assessment process that you learned in the military to size up AWI. When you determine that our Mission, services, and programs pass muster, we can join forces to positively improve and fully restore the quality of life you so rightly deserve.

Once we earn your confidence AWI pledges our commitment to our confidence in you starting with the acknowledgment of your individuality, and the evaluative person to person care to address your own issues, your own concerns, your own roadblocks that have gotten in the way of your health, security, and happiness.

The core belief principles of the Awakening Wholeness Inc. Programs Platform are to establish a partnered relationship with active duty Reservists, veterans, and their households.  Whether as a result of your own curiosity and self acknowledgement, referral, or the intervention of others, you have recognized the need to enter a program to help identify

the personal conditions and issues that influence your daily life,

ways to effectively remediate existing disorders, and

maintaining a personal path forward of ancillary services.

AWI’s Health & Wellness Programs and coordinated resources network of professional clinicians and affiliates embraces the tailoring of your personalized process. That begins within its mission-defined Arizona military communities.

AWI interactive relationships present a partnered path to address, remediate, and resolve a range of health and behavioral issues that confront veterans. We are committed to assisting our program participants to awaken their mind, body, and spirit and attain healing and understanding that improve their quality of life.

Comprising the heart of our programs and services are:

  • Physical & Mental Health Evaluations, Referrals, and Therapies.
  • Brain-Balancing,
  • Communications, workplace, and re-entry skills.
  • Anxiety, Stress, and Anger Management.
  • Decision Making.
  • Self-esteem building.
  • Household habits in Spousal & Parenting Relationships.
  • Situation protocols and Community participation.
  • Nutrition, Fitness, & Healthy Environment

Over the last 12 months, we have significantly enhanced our AWI affiliations, partnering with the Arizona Chapter of the National Veterans Chamber of Commerce, working in mutual support of each other’s mission with The Phoenix Chapter One of The Disabled American Veterans, The Bobby D Veterans’ Gateway, and becoming the Fiscal Sponsor of the Peace & Balance Program of Native World Enterprises, LLC.  AWI is collaborating with Arizona National Guard to study the development of a Health and Wellness Program.

Our Health and Wellness Leadership, Staff Programs & Professional Services Providers, and Advisory Board are an interactive, highly credentialed, and diversified, cross section of medical, counseling, therapy, communications, and management team expertise that has positioned Awakening Wholeness, Inc., at the vanguard of allied health and wellness services in Arizona.

The Managed Medical Mind and Body Care Team includes a Clinical Coordinator, a retired Neurosurgeon/Doctor of Osteopathy, and a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. Our Clinical Team is uniquely augmented by an accredited team of Naturopathic Medical Doctors and Clinical Psychologists. As such, AWI is emerging as a nexus of Arizona veteran health and wellness programs.

AWI has assembled an interrelated network of methods, technologies, therapeutics, and programs to optimize effective diagnoses, care, and resolutions for service-related issues and disorders. The various therapeutic aspects of AWI offer wholly non-invasive approaches to Programs & Services. A primary clinical therapeutic, the passive, recumbent technology of Cereset from Arizona-based Brain State Technologies, offers brain balancing and optimizing therapy in its relaxing recliner chair format. The complementary local and targeted therapy of the FDA Class II Bemer, the World’s Leading Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapeutic Medical Device, comfortably generates muscle stimulation and circulatory improvement that promote healing and pain reduction.

We will focus upon available services like counseling, interactive healthcare monitoring, and specialized assistance, to restore an individual’s whole health. Supporting holistic modalities including meditation practices, journaling, acupuncture, and yoga complete the Awakening Wholeness treatment path of the whole person considering mental and social factors beyond the symptoms of disorders and illness in order to Awaken, Transform, and Renew.

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