Peace & Balance

Pandemic & Post-Pandemic Relief

Peace & Balance (P&B) started as a part of a nonprofit organization in 2004, called the Native Movement Collective. The name Peace and Balance is derived from the philosophies of the Navajo People (Dine’) and the Hopi Tribe. Dine’s core belief is that to live a happy and healthy life, one must strive to maintain a balanced life and lifestyle to reach the elder stages in life. Hopi’s are considered the Peaceful Ones and aim to be in peace and harmony with all that surrounds them, Peace & Balance.

Peace & Balance re-organized in the fall of 2020 to respond to the needs of Tribal relations affected by Covid-19 and to develop Resource and Community Support mechanisms by way of fiscal accountability and to fill the gaps of services in the areas that are lacking. This will be executed by partnering with Awakening Wholeness Inc. who is P&B’s Fiscal Sponsor. AWI will be providing guidance and leadership to an advisory group consisting of traditional healers and medicine people, as well as Tribal leaders.

Peace & Balance aims to address the needs of the people during the pandemic/post-pandemic period by providing access to services and resources with a focus on underserved populations and to recognize, acknowledge and develop programming designed for Tribal Nations. Currently we are focused on sustainable service and resource development to service the people affected by Covid-19 and the pandemic.

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